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Original copies of the VVIQ and VVIQ2 for the use of researchers and other interested parties.

The VVIQ, in three pages, provides a reliable and valid measure of visual imagery vividness. Click on the button in bottom left corner to enlarge the image.

The VVIQ2, in four pages, is reproduced here also, below the VVIQ.

Hundreds of scientific studies with these questionnaires have led to the conclusion that mental imagery, as described by artists, writers, composers, scientists and many others, is the "cradle of creativity".
The VVIQ2, is an expanded version of the VVIQ containing twice the number of items. The vividness rating scale has also been reversed so that the highest vividness level of imagery is rated "5". Click on the button in the bottom left hand corner to enlarge the image.
Ralph Hotere, 1931-201328 February 2013
With sorrow we note the death on Sunday, 24th February, 2013, of Ralph Hotere, aged 81. RIP.

The artist, Hone Papita Raukura, reflected his views on social and political issues, threats to the environment, apartheid and racism, in his works.

At Ralph Hotere's funeral, author Bill Manhire recited the words of a haunting poem: "The light is on at Carey's Bay."

Judith Ablett-Kerr, QC, described her long friendship with Hotere, which began when he was fighting to prevent the loss, through port development, of his land at Observation Pt in Port Chalmers. It was home to some of his treasured sculptures. Art Auction 201318 February 2013
The 2013 Art Auction is now active at Bids may be placed on all works in the auction. The auction will end on 31 December 2013.
Scholly's Art Collection7 January 2012
A collection of more than 100 art works by German artist Scholly is displayed at the gallery's flickr site:

All works are available for purchase. Please address inquiries to:
Natalya Critchley has completed a massive art 'mural' on a roof of a school in a Caracas hillside with full collaboration from the local community. The mural is several hundred square metres and can be viewed from the hillside above. The design for the mural for the Don Pedro School with drawings by students features native Forest of Kapok trees.
There is no real limit to the potential for art in the big outdoors and around the community. Artists in our gallery are getting a lot of outdoor exposure these days.

Ewan McDougall's art is being placed on containers in earthquake-prone Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand by Bryan Lestrange's gallery at

A massive printed image of Ewan's 'Hit th road Jack' [on tarpaulin] is being put on the containers that are there to prevent rock falls across the road.

A new selection from art-n-stuff's gallery will be exhibited from 8th - 11th November at the 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4BP.

The exhibition features works by Ewan McDougall (neo-expressionism), Mark Baker (portraiture), Tatiana Ogienko (still life) and Justin Summerton (surrealism).

This links to a map of the location:

Turning Point collection by Natalya Critchley2 October 2011
Artist Natalya Critchley completed a summer residency in Richmond and Kew creating a wonderful collection of nineteen new works - the "Turning Point Collection". Exhibited this summer at the Art and Architecture Shop in Richmond with Sasa Marinkov, this collection is now exclusively available at

Included in this unique collection are: Richmond Hill (Turner's view), Richmond Hill, the River Bank Twickenham, the River at Kew, Trees at Kew, Cedars (blue, green and brown), and Amerika contained (I and II).

These last two are studies of the Palm House at Kew Gardens where rubber seeds taken from Brazil were germinated and grown. This enabled rubber plantations to be established within the British Empire in Malaysia, breaking Brazil's monopoly of rubber production. These fragile pastel drawings draw attention to the political and economic dimensions of the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew which is represented as the citadel of botanical science.

All drawings are 64 x 102 cm. in pastel on Arches watercolour paper (356 gm) with a gouache wash. Prices are for unframed drawings.

Ewan McDougall Paintings book launched28 September 2011
An exciting new book - Ewan McDougall Paintings - has been published by For full details and purchase, go to:
(hardcover edition)

(softcover edition)

ebooks of both versions are also on sale and many of the original art works in this book are for sale on this website.

Essentially this is a recovery/redemption story. Ewan comments: "It is a fantastic record of an artist’s work over 20 hardout years and I’m happy that its a ‘recovery story’ too –if it helps one person who’s feeling beat down by drug addiction I would be delighted".

This lavishly illustrated volume provides an authoritative and unique source on the contemporary Neo-Expressionist art of Ewan McDougall.

Two hundred and sixty stunning plates and illustrations present the artist's work, with insights from the artist, experts and collectors.

"Ewan McDougall attacks his canvases with colour and fire; creating art which speaks in tongues of life on the wild side'' - Nigel Benson.

An essential source for libraries, collectors, and all those interested in contemporary art. The definitive collection of paintings by Neo-Expressionist artist Ewan McDougall.

The book gives unique insights into the life of this outstanding artist told in his own words. Such candid first-person accounts are rare in the history of art. Ewan McDougall manifests his whole world-view in words and images.

A treasure chest created from the artist's life work.
Mark Baker's London Exhibition, 25 Oct - 7 Nov 2011 31 August 2011
Mark Baker is an extraordinary artist. He has completed an unusual painting. It shows London Mayor Boris Johnson stark-bollack naked on a racing bike. It's raining. What else can we say?

This striking painting will be shown at Mark's first London exhibition at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden, WC2N 4BP, from 25th October to 7th November, 2011.

Exclusively available at

Private view 6-8pm, Tuesday 25th October.
'Wonderland' Collection by Bryan Poole 20 August 2011
The 'Wonderland Collection' of 32 watercolours by botanical and zoological artist Bryan Poole has been released for sale this week. This amazing set of original artwork was commissioned for a new Wonderland jewellery catalogue for Boodles. This presents a unique opportunity to acquire original works by this gifted artist. These beautiful works have a fascinating 'other-worldly' feel that has been well-received, with a reprinting of the catalogue after only a few weeks.